Tarrant County

Candidate Fair

We apologize for Website being down, our page was hacked last night shortly after the event.

The Final Results are below that match the last voter in line.

FYI Percentages are rounded up or down to the nearest percentage.
3123 in attendance with 1414 People Voting in the 2022 Straw Poll.


2022 Event Info

January 22nd, 2022

Hurst Conference Center
1601 Campus Dr Hurst, TX 76054
(817) 886-9275


Help stop the liberal threat of turning Texas Blue.

Candidates from Constable to the Governor's race are invited.
This is the biggest Texas political event of the primary season.
Vote in the Straw Poll for your favorite Candidate.
This event is FREE to the public.
This is not your ordinary candidate forum
NO speeches, NO rhetoric!
Candidates will have their own booth where they can meet with thousands of VOTERS to discuss issues, 
Voters can then cast their choices in the Straw Poll.
This is Grassroots pure and simple!


Prior Candidate Fair Voter Attendance
2010 estimated 3,000+ Voters in attendance
2012 estimated 3,000+ Voters in attendance
2014 estimated 11,000+ Voters in attendance
2018 estimated 3,500+ Voters in attendance
2022 with over 133 candidates on the ballot this may be the largest event yet

Lets get out the vote


Straw Poll Winners Mailer
We publish the results of the straw poll by mail to major Republican voters throughout Tarrant County!

The upcoming March primary is where the Conservative candidates are decided.

Let those who seek office demonstrate why, the voters, should place faith in them. Candidates will meet and directly speak to the people they want to represent! 

Texas Conservatives Unite is a Texas State PAC, therefore no candidates for Federal Office will be allowed to participate.

2018 Candidates

2018 Voters

2018 Mailer

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2014 Voters

2012 Candidate Fair

2010 Candidate Fair